Against mass-produced goods, against being seen in the same style as your neighbor or friend. See what makes us as agency MikeBam so unique on markets Slovenia and Norway. Lifestyle footwear brand Creative Recreation from LA is a brand we believe in.
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Moesolo is the ultimate destination for confident individuals in search of the exquisite fashion experience. We collaborate with your favorite local and upcoming brands to bring you limited edition goods only available through the Moesolo Marketplace.

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Social media is for making human connections. We keep a great the human element alive and strong within social accounts, for us the feature is the human side of our customers. We have a clear vision of our brand’s values, to inspire our audience.

Chamber of Commerce

Norwegian-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce will be established with the purpose of fostering the commercial relations between Norway and the Republic of Slovenia. Platform between the two countries, connecting both industrial and commercial.

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The body is the last piece of information to go digital. Most of your life is already digital – your friends, your music, your bank account – all accessible on-line, but your body is not. Moesolo will enable consumers to store and access all their body information online. #1 in Norway



Proven real people behind the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.
Mihael Gorensek
Founder & CEO
Former professional athlete based in Oslo, responsible for LA brand Cr8rec. Proven record of driving new business within the retail and e-commerce industry.
Amel Ramic
Providing service and see the customer’s needs, he is also a fanatic for details. He can currently be found networking at his terrific new restaurant in Slovenian coast.
Ula Kokalj
Moesolo Manager
With a clear vision of the brand’s values we carry, she is operating with all Moesolo platforms. As an Interior designer, she inspires and make sure that delivery is on time for our customers.
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