We are looking for on-the-ground sales representatives in Slovenia and Croatia, now, soon, or in three months time!


Who on Earth is MikeBam? What is Mike! Bam? A new kind of F-1117 Nighthawk aircraft, single-seat express from Ljubljana to Oslo? Or a hot new party drink that all the cool kids are drinking? If you don’t know, poke around the interwebs for a bit. Or better yet, jump in a real plane, train or automobile and come to Oslo, specifically to the twelve  floor of Trelastgata 21!

  • You are a sales dynamo who loves our product and has already sold it in specialty stores.
  • You live in Slovenia (Croatia) and have been speaking the language since before you could tweet it
  • You live and love challenges and thrive on acquiring new territories.
  • You like to sell more than a product – and when that product just happens to be made in the heart of LA, well, all’s the better!
  • You don’t have to have black hair. Or any hair, for that matter
  • A thirst for adventure is a plus
  • Reliability and discipline too
  • If you are going to be involved in daily sales, what qualities do you think are important for a sales rep to have?


We managed to take MikeBam this far without you. To take it further, we need YOU. E-mail us to mike(at) If you are right Sales Rep for us, BAM!